Friday, 7 February 2020

P10 Paralympic games - Poland

As there are some students with special needs in our school, we found that activity extremely important. First, we were trying to imagine having a physical handicap.

In this sports event we simulated a situation of having some physical handicap (blind, deaf, missing legs etc.).Children experienced the feeling of being physically limited.

Results: Improved knowledge about disabilities and empathy.

P5 Healthcare - Poland

Firstly, we had a meeting with a nutritionist. We were talking about the importance of a healthy diet.

In this activity we learnt more about our body. What is good for it, how we can help it, what destroys it. The big theme was healthy food.

Then we were preparing healthy dishes.

We prepared our own food pyramids:

P6 - National anthems - Poland

By listening to the national anthems of our partner countries we could learn a lot about the history, about the European nations. We also practised English and IT skills when translating them.

P4 - Harmony of body and soul - Poland

We had a great time during that activity. Everybody enjoyed yoga and tai-chi exercises!